Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I am one of the most sentimental (not to be confused with 'mental') people you will ever meet. I think this has to do with the fact that we moved around so much when I was a kid that I never felt I had roots and packing space was limited so I have very few things from my childhood. Oh cry along with me just once, will ya? So, today being Easter and all, I was kind of sad. This was the first Easter in 24 years that I haven't had a kid in the house. Sara is living far away and the boys decided to go up and see her for a fun snowboarding weekend. Betina was working all day and so that meant no kids. I just didn't feel right. I mean, who was going to color eggs with me and who was going to enter the 'ugly egg' decorating contest? It just wasn't the same. Yeah, I know I need to get a grip and realize that they're all grown up now and all that...but I miss it. I miss it so much. I miss all the excitement and happy chatter while they color eggs. I admit I don't miss the egg dye on the wall that takes four coats of paint to cover, or the smell of boiled eggs in the house for a week, or the weird 'grass' that gets imbedded in the roller of the vacuum cleaner and you have to spend the better part of an afternoon with manicure scissors cutting it out, or the constant reminders to keep the Easter basket where the dogs can't get to them and eat all the jelly beans. (That actually happened one year. I've never seen a wiener dog puke so much in my life. It was a sight to behold) But I'm not talking about that today. I miss my kids.
So..we went to Scott's brother and sister-in-laws for our annual Easter dinner. This time my mom actually went which was a nice surprise. I made these....Lemon cupcakes with lemon glaze.
And then I made these...cherry cupcakes with whipped cream frosting. I also made brownie cupcakes with frosting. Why so many cupcakes? Cuz we had about 25 people and cupcakes are much easier to serve than regular cake. Besides, they're cuter.
I made a simply delicious cheesecake and everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE said it was the best cheesecake they had ever eaten. Thanks! I also made these little white (colored) chocolate bunnies and rice krispy treat rabbits and eggs. Cuteness.
This was one of the tables from today. It was a beautiful day to get together and enjoy each others company. So what did I do when I got home....made Chex Mix. Yeah, like I really needed to do that. I'll probably make something else before I go to bed just out of nervousness. The boys won't be getting home until around midnight and it's such a horrible drive for them I'm going to worry until they arrive here safely.
I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. I'm off to go snarf a coupla Peeps. Mmm. Love those little guys.

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SUZANNE said...

I'll come over next year and be an adopted kid should they decide to leave again! I promise I won't get any dye on the walls, or leave any 'weird' grass on your carpet! LOVED all the goodies you made, I could almost taste them! Thinking of you you!