Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We had our 27th wedding anniversary last Friday. How is that possible? I can vividly remember all the planning, saving, and crying over all the wedding details. I worked two jobs to pay for all the things I wanted since I knew my parents didn't have the money to give me. No biggie, I was young and in love so working 6 days a week from 4am to 5pm wasn't TOO bad. Who am I kidding....it SUCKED!!!! Naahh, it was fun looking at Bride magazine and fretting over the music I would walk down the aisle to. Little did I know a bridesmaid would call me a week before and say she couldn't afford to come. Oh, ok. You've only known about this wedding for A FREAKING YEAR!!! I even offered to pay half of her way and she said,"noooo, don't be silly. You're paying for my dress, so I'll pay the airfare." Yeah, thanks ol' buddy. THEN, my maid of honor flaked on me 2 days before the wedding. Uh-huh, she did. I was told by a reliable source (her gay roommate who secretly hated her) that she had gained too much weight to fit into the dress. Of course the story I got was that she had suffered a miscarriage a week before and the doctor didn't want her to fly. What????? Yeah, I believed that one. Let's just say that it took me a lot o' years to forgive her for that one...and you know what? I shouldn't have. The girl who was supposed to sing a duet with our friend backed out right before our rehearsal dinner and by this time I just wanted to forget the whole thing. Not to mention that I had offended a dear family friend by not having her daughter as my flower girl. I wanted my niece and after all, it was MY wedding but ppphttt, we all know how that goes. Oh, and when I booked the church for this ginormous wedding it was January...I had no idea that they either didn't have air conditioning or that perhaps it just didn't work all that well cuz let me tell you...it was toasty in August. But, everything worked out fine...like it usually does. It was a beautiful wedding and we partied until the wee hours of the morning. I think. Anyway, these are the earrings Scott gave me. They aren't as big as they look...and Sara, keep your mitts off of 'em. They better be here when I get back from my trip.
Twenty-seven years....whew. We celebrated in a big way as only we can do. Both of us were tired from the ridiculous heat and a fun work week so we went out for dinner and then pretty much called it a night. We're such wild and crazy people don't you know? I mean, really, what else is there to do?

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with weddings or anniversaries....hhmm, maybe it does....stormy??? hmmmm. Naaah, just a cool photo I took from my bosses window at the med school looking towards where we live. It rained and flooded in our area and a 4 year old was struck by lightening around the corner from our house. True. It must have been pretty scary for the poor little dogs who were all alone cuz when Scott and I got home that night, one of them had not only thrown up in our bed....twice...but had pee'd too. That was fun.

I've been up since 3 and it's now almost 6 so I guess I should try to catch a little cat nap before I need to get up and go to work. I'm leaving very early in the morning for another work related trip. Really don't want to go but then I guess most people who travel for work don't want to either. So I'll catch up when I get back next Monday. If somebody wants to bring a casserole or a bucket of chicken over to the house for Scott and the kids while I'm gone....don't. They're big people who can take care of themselves. Sorta kinda.


Kirsty Wiseman said...

We miss you.
We are convinced that daisy has metmorphised into eddy.
Glad you have air con.
Did we say we missed you?

SUZANNE said...

Happy Anniversary Ruth! Love the pretty earrings too! Speaking of weddings, my sister is getting married in a few months! Can you imagine the craziness going on in our world? It's like my wedding...YEAH, ON CRACK!!! It's going to be so fab though, can't wait. So, I need to see you once this in this millenium, do you still have the same cell #? Email or call me-love you/miss you!

Judy said...

Ruth I love reading your blog. You are so amazing. You need to get an agent and publish you funny comments!! By the way the earrings are beautiful! Miss you and think of you SO much.xo

buttercupbugs said...

I need your address...Heather has had major wrist problems causes by excessive cutting, (finally needed major surgury)but now if starting to cut again. She's finish up some designs started long ago but will be cuter than ever in the next few weeks. I hope you didn't think we'd forgotten!!