Thursday, March 26, 2009


Tis a lovely allergy day here in the stinkin' desert...the wind is blowing a million miles per hour and the pollen has been sand blasted into my nasal cavity. Life is good. Zyrtec helps, but not if you have to go to work and actually sit up. I do believe I still have part of the keyboard impression on the right side of my face. So I had to choose...take the medication,but nod off at totally inappropriate times at work, like while talking to the boss or waiting for a fax to come through.....or not take the medication and sneeze every 4.3 seconds, look as though I have been crying for a solid month, and used snot rags all over my office. Tough choice I'll tell ya that right now. Today has been no medication. I'm a box of Kleenex away from calling it a day and going home.

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Anonymous said...

allergies suck. everyone i know is suffering. ~M~