Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

The wind has blown half of Las Vegas into our yard tonight. Tell me again why we live here????
Other than that, it's been a pretty nice, relaxing weekend. I didn't get out of my jammies all day let alone even brush my hair. I know, shocking huh?

My husband is so sweet. While I was cleaning up my baking mess in the kitchen, he turned on 'Mad Max' for me. He knows Mel Gibson was my boyfriend at one time. That is before he turned into an old alcohol swizzling, anti-semetic dork.
Anyway, this is my list of guilty pleasures for this weekend. Keep in mind, I'm pretty low maintainence. (just keeping it real)

Spending most of Saturday morning with my mom...doing a little shopping and then out to lunch before she had to go to dialysis.

Repotting new tomato plants and flowers.

Buying gorgeous cut flowers to enjoy inside our home. Daffidils, tulips, and even a couple of sprigs of lilacs from my front yard.

Having my oldest son come over for a few hours.

Getting take out.

Spending the entire day being lazy today. Well, I cleaned the pantry and the fridge, but that was it.

Making and decorating cupcakes.

Making chocolate peanut butter cookies.

Sitting on the couch with my feet up watching the funniest guy ever, Jim Gaffigan and having hubby make and bring me dinner. :)

Being grateful for all of the above.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing in those awesome cookies today. I didn't even mind it being a monday! Rosemarie

Anonymous said...

Will you be our personal baker?