Sunday, March 08, 2009

Playing with light

I love going to the Bellagio when they change the display every season. I only go early in the morning because I love the way the sunlight makes the flowers look like stained glass. I took my mom on Saturday before she went to dialysis and as is usual, I wasn't disappointed. My only wish is that it wouldn't be so's hard to try and stoop for a photo with 75 people falling over you.
It's allergy season around here. We all sound like snot factories and the Kleenex folks can thank us for single-handedly keeping them in business. In fact, we did a Costco run today and stocked up on Zyrtec and snot rags. Now we have a plethora of supplies and a lot less money.
I'm sitting here at the dining table typing away and the rest of my family is cleaning up after dinner. Just as it should be. Ha! I think they assume I'm working on a project for the medical school. I don't know what gave them that idea,really I don't :::trying to look innocent::: but nonetheless I think they SHOULD take a turn. I know I've done more than my share of making meals around here for the past 20 plus years. Now if I can just get the weenie dogs to help out. I'm pretty sick of them using the excuse that they have no opposible thumbs. That one's getting reeeealll old.
Another thing that's really starting to get on my last nerve....that horribly stupid, disgusting commercial with the bears and the toilet paper. Who's the marketing genius who came up with that one? Bunch of guys sitting around one day and someone says, "Yeah, well, does a bear shit in the woods?" EUREKA!!! New campaign idea!!! And the latest know you've seen it, the baby bear with the inferior toilet paper sticking to his butt. Please. Oh, and the Viagra commercials that show a million times over the weekend. Yeah, impotent guys...all of 'em...are sitting at home on the weekends watching tv. Hey, I just thought of something...I don't think I've seen a tampon/mini pad/maxi pad/pad with wings/pad without wings/wings without pads/PMS commerical for a long time. It's probably because I don't watch much tv anymore, and usually Scott has it on HBO or History Channel or something so maybe that's why. I haven't missed them. Who would?
Ok...I'm high on allergy medication, what can I say? Plus I lost an hour today. I hate that.
Think I'm gonna go take the dogs on a walk and no, I won't be taking any Charmin with me.


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for more of your beautiful photos. Please keep putting them up.

Anonymous said...

Ruthie darling,divine photo-ige!