Sunday, March 01, 2009's Sunday night

And that means....back to work tomorrow!!! I can barely contain myself I'm so excited. :::sarcasm a plenty:::

Why do the weekends pass by so quickly? I don't feel like I got a chance to do much of anything and it was a gorgeous coupla days and the plans and ideas I had in my head were marvelous if not fun-filled. I ended up grocery shopping, cleaning the house, laundry, cooking, driving all over the world, and spending money on crap I didn't need. Oh, and I spent 2 hours getting a crappy virus off of Kristopher's computer. Yea me! I'm sure it would have taken a computer knowledgeable person about 10 minutes but, whatever. Beware.... if a Microsoft looking thingy pops up on your screen and says to download Antivirus 360....doooonnnn't do it. I'm just sayin'.

I need to bake something. Not tonight though, it's too late. I also need to give this blog a face lift but I'm too lazy and maybe it's ADHD or something but I just can't seem to be bothered with instructions as to how to fix this thing up. Indeed I am pathetic. I readily admit it. I'm sure it's not that difficult, but I get easily distracted and/or frustrated. Oh what the hell, I'm going to go read the instructions and hopefully the next time I come back I'll have a fresh new blog.

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