Friday, May 22, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Don't you just love holiday weekends that just kind of sneak up on you? Sad to say, I completely forgot that it's Memorial Day on Monday. But that also means a three day weekend for us and even better than that, we're flying off to San Francisco tonight with all the kids and won't be back until Monday night. I'm just so excited. I know my family is too because this has been one of those weeks where just about every evening meal we've had has been something on a bun. If you can't slap it on a bun, I didn't fix it. Let's get real here, there are times when you just don't want to be bothered with the planning, the shopping, and the preparation of meals. This was my week. Shoot, I even wore the same pair of pants to work two days in a row. Yeah, it was definitely one of those weeks. So now we're off on an adventure and my family will get to eat something other than 'bun food' and they will rejoice.
Have a fabulous weekend and I'll be back with loads of photos. In the meantime, check out or expedia for some smokin' deals on airfare and hotels. Seriously, we wouldn't have even thought of leaving town until we found this deal we couldn't possibly turn down.

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Anonymous said...

i'm glad you're back safe and smiling. i want to see pictures!