Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Francisco

ahhh, San Francisco...where else but Haight/Ashbury would you see this? Ok, maybe there are quite a few places in the US where this may be a common sight, but...nevermind. My all but grown kids wanted to sit on it but I told them it was probably crawling with lice and all sorts of hungry vermin just waiting for unsuspecting youngsters from Nevada to prey upon...rats the cushions...hiding...razor sharp teeth... They kept their distance and are barely speaking to me now for some reason. Kids, go figure. I'm not 100% sure but it kind of looks like the first couch that Scott and I bought at the Goodwill store right after we got married for 40 bucks.
You can't show pictures of San Francisco without the traditional shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here it all it's foggy glory. It was definitely cold and 'moist' that day. Loved it.

One of my favorite places, the Palace of Fine Arts. I think I could sit here for days and just watch the people and the birds. If I ever run away, this is probably where you'll find me.

I know, I know, it wouldn't be me without some flower photos. It's how I roll when I'm on vacation.

California poppies. Love them too. We had such a great time together. I believe we walked at least a hundred miles and I have the sore legs to prove it. We didn't rent a car this time, just took the bus everywhere which was an experience in and of itself but it was cheap and so much easier than trying to find a place to park. I highly recommend it. For $1.50 you can ride the damn bus all day...anywhere. Can't beat that.
That's all the pictures for tonight. I'll put some more up tomorrow. For those of you I talked to today and promised photos...they'll be up soon.


Anonymous said...

Ruth Ruth Ruth. Your photos are beautiful and the cupcakes you made for us are beautiful and delicious.Thankyou! Virginia

Anonymous said...

lovely photos

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I ADORE the couch pic. I would SOOOO have had to go over and at least tip it over!!


buttercupbugs said...


Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Man just when I think I have some good pictures I see yours and mine seem so bland. What an eye for beauty you have. I hope you post more soon. I go to san Francisco alot and only wish we could be there together. xo/ Judy