Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'll tell you....last night was one of those lazy nights after work. I didn't want to cook, didn't really want to eat...barely wanted to breathe. So I did what I felt like doin' which was read. I tried to snuggle up all cozy like on the couch which is virtually impossible 99% of the time because of the wiener dogs who have to be right smack dab next to or on top of me. Anyway, the ceiling fans were blowing a cool light breeze on me and I got a little chilly and that's when it hit me. Crap, I need one of those stupid Snuggie things! Well, necessity is the mother of invention and so I had to fend for myself which pretty much meant I put my big honkin' terrycloth robe on backwards. Ha..take that stupid ridiculous monk robe lookin' Snuggie! I just saved myself twenty bucks. (like I would actually spend money on something that looks like it's straight out of the KKK)

So remember the hideous bruise I have on my right arm? (see previous post) I wanted to hurry the healing process along and I had been told to put a wet tea bag on it and that would help break up the bruise. Fine...I can do that. Add to that my wee medical knowledge which told me that moist heat would also dilate the blood vessels and help carry all the dead blood cells away so I figured hey, I'll heat up the tea bag and have the best of both worlds. Tossed the wet, drippy teabag in the microwave, slapped it on my arm and had Scott wrap Saran Wrap around my arm to hold it in place and hold the heat in. About 20 minutes later, after removing my ho-made Snuggie, I took the teabag off and I'll be damned if I don't have a bruised AND burned arm! Crap...I just can't get a break.

But...the day is not to be ruined. I got a call from my mom this morning. She was at dialysis and they told her all her latest tests have come back normal and she won't have to have dialysis anymore!!!!! You cannot know how wonderful this news is. I am so happy. I had everyone in my office crying tears of joy. Miracles do happen...yes they do. Amen.


Crystal Martin said...

Ruth, that is so AWESOME about your mom. So sad about your arm thinking on the whole snuggie thing though.

Anonymous said...

You always say you're an accident waiting to happen.I believe it. it was good to see you yeserday. I hardly ever get to see you anymore and you work like a crazy person. Slow the hell down and let's have a night of sitting around laughing like we used to.