Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Failures

The list of things I cannot do, or cannot do well, or shouldn't even attempt in the first place has just gotten longer.
I have lovingly taken care of my lime and lemon trees for two years. Nuthin. They bloom like crazy and then all the stinkin' blooms just fall off. This year I got lucky. Apparently I am being tested. I have ONE lemon on my tree. Yes, ONE! I go and check on it first thing every morning and again as soon as I get home from work at night. I just know that if something happens to it I will be completely devastated. No, really, I will be. Have some Prozac ready just in case, k?
Then there is the issue with the tomato plants. You stick the plants in the ground, water them, stake them and that's pretty much it, right? Well, apparently not. Last year and the year before I had a crop of tomatoes that would rival Hunt's or Heinz. This year I have two lousy tomatoes. And even they look pretty stinkin' pathetic.
I killed my english ivy plant....not sure how but it died a swift easy death I do believe. The plants in my office at work still look pretty decent...but I'm not holding out any hopes that they'll survive the summer with me taking care of them. If they start looking like they're going downhill I'm going fake plants...for sure.

So...more stuff that I suck at. Might as well check 'gardening' off my list of fun things to do. Ohhh...but I forgot! I planted a heart shaped potato in the ground a few months ago and now I have this gorgeous plant and I'm pretty sure I'll have lots of little potatoes at some point in time. I'm not sure how exactly it is that you know the potatoes are ready to be pulled up, guess I'll have to Google it or something.

Good thing my family isn't depending on this food for survival...cuz it would be too bad so sad for them. As it is, you don't have to have any gardening skills to make peanut butter cookies or cupcakes so I guess I'm still doin' pretty good. Time will tell.

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Amanda Cheek said...

Hey Ruth! You are stinking funny! I hope your lemon lives a long happy life (for your sake!)Ha! Hey you should try Heirloom seeds and plants. They grow like mad crazy, and you hardly have to do anything but water. Cool new car too! You deserve it! You work hard! Hey we started an outdoor market! You should come see it one saturday! It's hecka fun. There are a lot of etsy people there and my mom sells produce! check out! We miss you!