Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

Surprise!!!! I'm back. I'm not sure why I've been away so long. Work, family, holidays, carpal tunnel syndrome, small pox, and a bad case of the mange....those are my only excuses. Please accept them.

I don't know about you but my new year started out in typical Ruth style....crappy. I left yesterday morning for yet another fun filled week in Kentucky. I was pretty sure that Kentucky wasn't a real hot spot for New Year's Eve fun, but that was until I got to aairport. Full flight and it seemed to me that I managed to get on a flight with an Octomom convention. There were screaming kids in practically every aisle. I was kinda hoping the flight attendants would pass out packets of knock out drops instead of peanuts....but it was only a dream. It was a long flight from Vegas to Chicago. The airlines only accept credit cards for alcoholic beverages these days and I didn't want to max out my card. There had already been one flight delay and now I had a 2 hour layover in Chicago. Due to mechanical difficulties that turned into 3 1/2 hours. It was 12 degrees in Chicago and after they worked on the plane for awhile they deemed it worthy of flight. Somehow I didn't take much comfort in that. Why couldn't we just have a new plane? Once again, screaming children took over the aircraft and I for one was glad we only had a 45 minute flight. It was the longest 45 minutes in history.
I needed to take a taxi to my hotel and my driver spoke so little English that I had to write down the address for him. About 2 minutes into the drive I'm thinking to myself, "Hmm, is he really a taxi driver or did I just get into some random vehicle?" He was driving like a maniac and after glancing at the spedometer and seeing the needle past 80 I was afraid to look again. I felt like we were going warp speed down the freeway and Scotty was telling me the we needed more dilithium crystals and Mr. Spock was saying it was totally illogical. I am...smack dab in the middle of a king sized bed....a tilted four poster bed that's making me a little dizzy to look at it. I made it through one day of this clinic and I have 5 more to go. I'm in need of some good thoughts. I've walked to theCircle K twice since I've been here and that's about all there is around here. It's freakin' freezing out cold that last night I was trying to call home while I walked the one block to the Circle K and my fingers were so cold I couldn't get my iPhone to work. Seriously. What's the world coming to?

Gonna try to get some sleep now. We have a long day tomorrow.
So anyway, I'm back. whatever that means.

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