Thursday, June 03, 2010

12 days off....wwwhhhheeeeee!!!

Our Williams syndrome research clinic is over! It's so much work for me that I'm totally exhausted by the last day. Our grant money is gone..bye bye... and I had to make sure our families were fed and watered so I got to take a day off from work for using my own money which they can't/would never pay me for. THEN, since I worked Saturday and Sunday I got to take 2 comp days. THEN, I have a week of vacation next week. Sounds absolutely wonderful, does it not? Well, I sat next to my boss for 4 days who had bronchitis and guess who got it too? You would be correct if you guessed that it's me. Of course it's me. Sooo...I've wasted two perfectly good days of vacation time being sick. I cough like it's my job, and my asthma medications aren't working. My voice is so deep, I sound like Darth Vader. "Ruth...the asthma is with you." It pretty much sucks. Plus, I haven't had any sleep for 3 nights in a row and I'm a tad bit cranky. Ok, so I'm totally rocking the "don't even look at me" mood. Poor Scott made the huge mistake tonight of saying, "I know how you feel." the words had barely left his mouth when I exploded. I think he's going to sleep upstairs in the guest room tonight. I told him that would be a good idea since I didn't want to keep him awake with my coughing all night. He agreed, but personally....I think he's very, very afraid of me right now. As well he should be.

I came home from work Tuesday afternoon to find that Charlie the wiener dog had channeled his inner cat skills and jumped up on the bar stool and onto the kitchen counter and ate an entire foil wrapped loaf of banana bread, AND, he also ripped apart a brand new bag of dog treats and ate all them too. I seriously doubt that he shared any of this with his brother and sister. I really would like to put a camera up to see when he does this. This isn't the first time either. He did another bag and treats a few weeks ago and a whole loaf of homemade bread. You'd think I never fed him by the way he acts. Makes for some interesting poops in the backyard, I'll tell you. So now I'm trying to train everyone to pull the barstools waaayy far away from the counter so he can't get up there again. Who knew? It was a great day in other areas as well. The garage door decided to stop working, one of the "cells" in our Select Comfort bed decided to blow up. Looks like a huge blister sticking up. I'm just glad it's on Scott's side of the bed. hehe.

I'm going to San Francisco at the end of July to see the liver specialist. My appointment is on a Tuesday and I'm pretty sure I'll need to be there on Saturday before hand just to make sure I know where to find the place. Guess that means I'll be able to run around and take a million photos. Just exactly what the doctor ordered. Well, I haven't even met the guy yet but I'm sure he would if he knew I was going stir crazy here in the stinkin' desert. Speaking of which, summer is offically here with temps in the low 100's. ugh. It's only going to get hotter and I'm going to only venture out into the dizzying heat when I absolutely have to.

Well, I just chugged half a bottle of cough syrup (just kidding) and I'm going to try to go to bed and sleep.

even with not feeling so's great to know that there's nowhere I need to be besides right here in my own home with my petrified husband and bloated wiener dogs. Life can be good.

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